A lovely place to walk

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A view of Cubbon park

A dear friend sent me this photograph of Cubbon park, which is in the heart of Bangalore. She loves to go walking there. Early mornings and evenings are particularly beautiful.

Today I stopped my morning dose of Trinicalm Plus (Trifluoperazine and some other stuff) which I was taking for my anxiety and depression. Two weeks after I stopped the evening dose. I hope to stay off of it permanently. I’m still on a small dose of Clonazepam, but one at a time.

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Festival day

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I messaged a friend today, whom I haven’t seen for almost a year now. She works in the travel industry and business is tough for the company where she works. In fact she’d helped us get visas for a trip to Dubai in October and that was the last I’d seen her. Today was Ganesh Chaturthi, one of the biggest festivals in India, and I felt like I should check on how she’s doing.

Mid-morning, my parents, who live in Mysore, said some prayers and lighted lamps at home which we were able to see on a WhatsApp call. My sister also lives in the same town with her husband my nephew so they were all able to get together for lunch. They had a good day.

Later, in the evening, we went to our best friends’ — the ones with the twins — and he and I went for our customary walk. My friend had to pick up a few things from a nearby supermarket and we went there first and I was waiting outside to avoid adding to the crowd inside, and took this picture below of the bananas looking a bit forelorn, while waiting outside.

We had noodles, khow suey and spiced rice for dinner — delivered from a restuarant called Singapore Street — and had vanilla ice cream and gulab jamoons for dessert. We’d ordered the gulab jamoons in the afternoon from Bhagatram’s a famous sweets shop on Commercial street that my wife and I used to visit every once in a while in our much younger days.

We then spent an hour streaming songs on to their large Sony Bravia TV — from old Grammy winners to recent south Indian cinema hits. This was quite entertaining. We alo watched a bit of Arya Dhayal, a young lady who has become a bit of a sensation on Instagram for her fusion of Carnatic classical music with western pop. She’s even done her version of Bella Ciao, which more recently was made famous by the Netflix series Money Heist, I think. Our son and the twins watched Boss Baby on a laptop in the dining room.

At some point in the late evening, it rained heavily for a short while and stopped. Thankfully, this was after the walk. We talked about nothing very serious, and at one point fantasised about driving to Bhutan. The two wives also entertained each other a bit by looking up beach resorts that they’d like to visit post Covid19.

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Just pics I took on a walk

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