Four weeks

October 16, 2020 § Leave a comment

Woke up with so much fear today the muscles in my entire upper body were either going stiff or going into spasms and my jaw was clenching. Then my wife was feeling really sick with a terrible migraine and that gave me a scare. I couldn’t help ruminating about my post office trip three days back and Covid. Thankfully she got much better in a few hours and even managed to eat some lunch.

Did 15 minutes of running in the basement in the evening and added 45 minutes of my mindful walking back in the living room. In between spoke to someone for some background for a story.

Tried unsuccessfully, sort of, to calm things down after my son and wife got upset with each other over his preparedness or lack thereof for an English test tomorrow. Later it got better and we all watched cricket on the TV for a bit.

Four weeks since I stopped a medication for anxiety and depression and overall it’s been really rough. I’m still on a small dose of clonazepam. Won’t do anything about that for a while.

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