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October 25, 2020 § Leave a comment

Read this piece today, which talks about how some hurts never go away, but also how we don’t have to allow them to define our lives: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/when-kids-call-the-shots/202010/7-hurts-never-heal-and-3-ways-cope?amp=&__twitter_impression=true&s=08



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Enjoyed a glass of Coca-Cola today after years. Followed it with Ammi’s Biryani. With friends.


Thunder Struck

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Saw a movie called Thunder Struck, again, because our son wanted to. It was quite entertaining. A high school basketball klutz magically switches talent with his NBA idol and what follows is hilarious.

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A friend visits

October 22, 2020 § Leave a comment

A dear friend came home today. Her boyfriend had tested positive for Covid some weeks back. She herself had had a fever but that was not not Corona. And then when she came home she said her father, who stays downstairs from her, had a cold and fever. On the whole a visit that got my anxiety into high gear. I’d already spent half the morning making no progress on a story that I need to finish tomorrow. I was freaking out inside. Made a bit of progress on the story in the second half which helped me calm down a bit.

My heart’s become more sensitive to sugar after the last nearly three years I spent with little exercise while I took a drug for anxiety and depression that would put me in a mild stupor. Ate a piece of cake and three small cookies and had tea with sugar on an empty stomach late evening and my heart went harder for a while.

Five weeks tomorrow since I stopped the drug and I’m now trying to exercise a bit. Started doing some high knees in the mornings sometime back. They seem to help. Been doing a few push ups too.

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