Tapering off — a better day

September 25, 2020 § Leave a comment

It was a better day today, even though it started with an argument. It’s day seven since I stopped taking Trinicalm Plus (Trifluoperazine and some other stuff) and I’m going through the days of the worst of the withdrawal symptoms right now. Each day is a little better, but there’s some days to go.

Was able to do some work as well, although it was just a press release I filed to start with. The boss wanted, fairly, something beyond the press release. I refiled with a simple analysis, which was published.

I’ve managed to get to Friday this week without getting back on the drug. Didn’t really expect to. The fourth day since I stopped last Saturday, this Tuesday, was the worst. Well I’ve been on this drug for nearly three years, so I guess a difficult tapering off process is to be expected.

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