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September 9, 2020 § Leave a comment

I didn’t make any progress today on my next story. The morning was taken up by a company-wide virtual townhall and in the afternoon, I gave in to the urge to sleep. Walking went nicely, and I even managed to do some jogging towards the end. My wife had her usual yoga class. In the afternoon she’s taken to doing squats.

I too am trying again from today to make my strength training more regular. Did some squats and calf raises for the legs and added some dumbbell-based upper body exercises as well. I’m only able to find enough motivation for one set of each exercise and that’s all I did today. The entire circuit took less than 5 minutes. The plan is to do it every day, as regularly as the walking, even if it’s only one set per exercise. Then, in a month’s time, to try and add a second set and so on.

I’m scared that my story won’t work out in time. And that the pressure will build up. If I set up two interviews tomorrow for Friday and Monday, I’ll still be able to get the story done. One of the problems is that I haven’t managed to find a good premise on which to build the story. I’m looking at the ‘ed-tech’ or education tech startups in India and how funding in the sector has increased. But I’ve not been able to go beyond this and find an interesting angle from which to approach the story.

It’s day five since I stopped the evening dose of Trinicalm Plus (trifluoperazine and some other stuff). So far so good. By the time I file my story next week, on Wednesday or Thursday, it will be 12 days at least. If I manage to do a good story, that high will help me cope with completely stopping the drug when I stop the morning dose as well by the end of next week.

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