Procrastination — 2

September 4, 2020 § Leave a comment

I needed to write a teaser or a curtain raiser for my copy which is going to be the next cover story. The boss suddenly mailed me and a couple of colleagues that we could do with a teaser. I didn’t want to postpone writing it to tomorrow, but I was also tired. I surprised myself by putting a backless stool at my desk, and sitting on it to write nearly 800 words in under 45 minutes. I sent if off.

Now I can enjoy tomorrow’s first coffee without the feeling that there’s something pending. How did I not procrastinate this time? I don’t know. Even leaving it till tomorrow morning wouldn’t have constituted real procrastination, but I’m really pleased with myself for finishing it off today itself.

It does, however, feel like a one-off and not part of a general lift in my mood. In fact, all of yesterday and today, there were small things to do by way of work and I did them quickly, but it still doesn’t feel like I’ve changed in terms of how I feel inside.

Finishing the work off, rather than leave it for later, however, certainly kept my anxiety at low levels. Perhaps, as my therapist pointed out, the anxiety is still very much there, but my ability to cope with it is improving. Why is that?

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