What after the tapering off?

August 29, 2020 § Leave a comment

One thing I haven’t thought through is, what will I do to manage my anxiety and depression on my own, once I’m off the medicines. Let’s say it will take me two or three months to completely stop taking the medicines. In that time frame, the Covid situation will not have begun to ease, and so will continue to be a source of worry in addition to my anxiety. We’ll still be couped up in our houses a lot.

Will I be able to manage on my own, with only meditation and walking to help me because that is all I’m able to manage at the moment. There are the therapy sessions, of course, which will become even more important, but therapy is a long-term solution.

Will I be able to manage my anxiety without the drugs on a daily basis, successfully enough to get through a work day or the days of extra stress that invariably come with deadlines, surprise demands from the boss or other colleagues and so on?

There is also the health-anxiety component of the overall anxiety experience. And already, today, with just a quarter pill reduced, I felt a couple of skipped heart beats in the evening — withdrawal symptoms.

So in the short to medium term, meaning anything from two to six months at least after getting off of the medicines, I will have to manage not only my anxiety and depression on my own, but also the withdrawal symptoms. And in the case of clonazepam, I know from previous experience that the withdrawal symptoms will invariably include skipped heart beats and heart palpitations. Those are scary.

Will I be able to cope? I just don’t know, and the only way to find out is to get off the drugs.

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