Anxiety hack 2 — Pick a hobby

August 17, 2020 § Leave a comment

Today, I made a small list of songs to whistle. I’m fairly good at whistling. Over the last two months, I’ve been posting videos of me whistling various songs, on Facebook and Instagram. Typically 90 seconds to two-minute videos. It has become an engaging hobby, to identify a song, practice it through the week and post the video by the end of the week, usually, although I’ve posted a couple of them during the week also.

This process of picking a song and putting in a little bit of practice every day of the week before it’s ready to be posted, and then shooting the video itself — nothing fancy, just the phone camera turned on selfie mode — has all become something that distracts me from my anxiety and helps bring it down.

Thus far I’ve whistled some 10 songs, mostly old Hindi hits, but I’ve begun to add Kannada, my mother tongue, and plan to whistle songs in other languages too. For example, I was trying out Stevie Wonder’s Part Time Lover this morning. It was playing on the radio. I also want to attempt Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. And of course songs like The Sound of Silence, Annie’s Song and Scarborough Fair. Then are a whole bunch of Grammy winning favourites I might try.

Of course I’m guilty of constantly checking Instagram and Facebook to see if my friends or others have seen the video or if anyone has liked or commented on it, but that all helps distract away from my anxiety. Then, having posted the videos, there are opportunities like updating one’s ‘stories’ on Insta and FB, and since these vanish after 24 hours each, it’s something I also look forward to — the chance to recycle older videos via the ‘stories’ section. Again, the anticipation of doing this, typically in the late evening, after my walk or after dinner like now, helps distract away from the anxiety.

So maybe this is another anxiety hack I’ve discovered for myself. Of course I’ve read that having a hobby is a good way of tackling anxiety, but before I started posting these videos of me whistling, I didn’t really know it first hand. So if you’re like me, fighting irrational fears and ruminating on bad scenarios everyday, pick a hobby that you can easily pursue with minimum fuss — something that you can do almost anywhere at anytime.

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