Parenting and the Nintendo Switch

August 10, 2020 § Leave a comment

I’d like to buy it for him. He wants it so bad. The Nintendo Switch. But I’d been barred by my wife from buying it, because she thought it exhorbitantly priced. I agree on that, but he wants it so much, and when the price was low earlier in the year, we didn’t get it. We had some logic there: the plan was to buy it for him after his school results came in, and if he had done well. He did very well, but how could we have anticipated the pandemic.

She changed her mind today after seeing how deeply upset he was about not having the Switch.

This isn’t one of those childish desires to have the next fancy toy. This is a visceral desire to have that console and he has been talking about it for a year. In early March, the price was 25-26k, if I recall right, and then Covid became a big thing in India too, and the Switch disappeared from the market, it seemed like. Then the government barred the ecommerce companies from delivering any non-essentials.

Now the restrictions have been lifted and the markets are coming back online. And there seems to be stock of the Switch, but it is priced at around 45k, which makes it pretty expensive for us.

Getting one would make him deliriously happy.

She grew up a frugal life, and to this day wants nothing to do with gadgets. Her phone and laptop are ancient but she refuses to let me change them. Don’t know if she has yet figured out that the Switch is only the start. Then come the the games, which have to be bought separately.

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