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August 9, 2020 § Leave a comment

It turned out to be a rough weekend. It was okay until we came back from our friends’ place yesterday night. Later in the night, I got caught up in investigating a glitch in publishing yesterday’s blog post and forgot instructions from my wife that our son had to finish the next chapter in the book he was reading and go to sleep. Somewhere in between I’d remembered that he was supposed to go to sleep, but the combination of wanting to fix my blog and the happiness at his interest in reading — and not just video games — lulled me into staying put on the sofa in the living room while he continued to read in his room.

It was just past 12 am, when my wife woke up and found our son still awake and she really lost it with me. The ensuing fight pushed me back to my dark place.

That i’ve been trying to get on without one of my meds now also made things worse. Without Trinicalm Plus (Trifluoperazine) I’m more alert and engaged, but I’m also at a stage where the anxiety about withdrawal symptoms, especially any heart-related withdrawal symptoms, is still high.

This morning, first, she didn’t want the masala dosas I’d ordered for breakfast from a delivery service, and then refused to let me include her when I was making egg burji (a type of spicy scrambled egg) and toast for our son.

By the time I made lunch her anger seemed have subsided. By the time I made dinner, she wanted us all to go out for a walk. So we donned our masks, wore thin rain coats, as it was drizzling weakly outside, and went and walked for about 20 minutes. Things turned bad around dinner time though.

Our son has his heart set on the Nintendo Switch, which isn’t supported in India by Nintendo or anyone else, but the sets are on sale online on Amazon and Flipkart, a local site now owned by Walmart. Covid probably has made the supply expensive and the prices in India on these sites also reflect that. So the Switch costs nearly double in India versus the US price of $300. My wife is completely against spending so much money on it.

Our son — who has spent all of this year dreaming of what he’ll do when he gets the Switch — got pretty upset and went to his room and closed the door behind him. And I got told off by my wife about how easily I spent money on gadgets for myself or for our son. She’d never agree to spending so much money on the switch, she said. Maybe if the prices come down, I can convince her to let me buy it for him.

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