Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and my son

August 2, 2020 § Leave a comment

I lost the battle today to completely stay off Trinicalm Plus (Trifluoperazine) after trying to stop the remaining morning dose from yesterday. Felt uneasy all day yesterday and for much of today, and another tough conversation in the evening with the wife about how much she feels let down by me all combined to do me in. The morning dose I’d skipped this morning as part of completely tapering off of this pill — I ended up taking it after dinner. Guess it will take longer to get rid of the last remaining daily dose of a quarter-pill, but I won’t give up.

I’m one of those parents who have made the bad mistake of giving a gadget to their child/children early in their life. I’m guilty of impulsively buying a small tablet for my son when he was only nine. Today, two years down the line, he is obsessed with putting up videos of him playing games like Clash Royale and Brawl Stars onto a Youtube Channel he’s made for himself using my Google account. And he sometimes gets into this activity to the exclusion of all his school work.

He’s also, on his own, taught himself various things like how to install and use a screen recorder software and more impressively, the basics of a really cool video editing program called Davinci Resolve. My sister, who has a Master’s in film and video communication was impressed that he taught himself Davinci Resolve, albeit the very basics.

He’s got his heart set on getting a Nintendo Switch, but unfortunately one isn’t available easily in India right now. There are deals on eBay, but they all seem to be shipping the box from the US, and we don’t know how to check for sure if these are genuine deals and if things like warranty are valid and so on. In the meantime, the Switch isn’t showing up on Amazon India and the Switch Lite itself — which does seem to be available — is going for the price of the Switch.

In the meantime, he is making these videos on a smartphone now and getting them ready for Youtube. Tomorrow he might upload two of them. He’s also kinda agreed to discuss having a daily routine with some clear demarcations for when he will do his school work and when he is allowed to dabble in his hobby, which could turn into a professional pursuit if he took the next logical step, for instance, of learning all about Davinci Resolve. I’m trying to convince him that that could be a back up if his plans of becoming an Youtube star on the back of his videos don’t pan out.

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