Teaching myself Instagram TV

August 1, 2020 § Leave a comment

I taught myself to put up videos as part of a series on Instagram today. I like to whistle, and I put up a small series of old Hindi songs that I’ve whistled. Aim to add one every week. Sometimes I ask myself what the point of all this is, but without these little accomplishments, life would be duller.

And also, I find that if I fill my day with things to do, and things to look forward to, even small things, then I deal better with my anxiety and depression. So, usually on Fridays for example, I get to look forward to posting a new song that I’ve whistled. And of course, at the end of each day, I look forward to writing here.

Maybe this could perhaps be a tip for people dealing with anxiety and depression like me — fill your day and your week with small things to do that you enjoy. I even look forward to the once-a-week chat I have with my therapist as I often come out of those sessions feeling better about everything.

Another tip comes from Josh Roberts, who just wrote down his worries to cut them down to size. Roberts has written a book called Anxious Man, talking about his fight to get the better of his general anxiety disorder. My wife sent me a Daily Mail article about him and his book.

It’s taken me more than two-and-a-half years and I still have the anxiety, but I too am now learning to put it in its place and live a better life. That’s helping with the depression too.

But sometimes, even positive activities like exercise can have the opposite effect, because I can have bizarre worries. Like today, I had a slightly intense work out: I too joined a session of strength building exercises conducted online by one of my wife’s cousins who is a fitness and lifestyle medicine specialist.

I was feeling pretty tired afterward and got it into my head that my heart was too tired and wasn’t really in a shape for the level of exersion I’d put it through this morning. Truth is, I wouldn’t have been able to do the session at all if my heart wasn’t healthy but I spent the whole day worrying about it and going about things more slowly and not working and taking a long nap in the afternoon, and generally feeling low.

That’s where the whistling helps, for instance. I only post it once a week, but everyday, thinking about which song to post next, and snatching five minutes here and five there to practice, distracts me from thinking other useless negative thoughts.

And I’ve begun to note down points or ideas that come to me, in a small notebook, so that I can refer to them when I write here. Thinking about what to write helps too.

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