Zen in the time of Covid

July 30, 2020 § Leave a comment

I wrote a decent opinion piece online today at work. Even the editor who put it up said it was a nice piece. Clearly, reclaiming my own workspace, by shaping a small part of our bedroom into one, is helping.

We ate Schezwan rice and Thai curry for lunch and dinner today. Neither of us felt like cooking so decided on the takeout from nearby Beijing Bytes. Bought enough at lunch time to last through dinner as well.

My brother-in-law sent me a link to a piece of music by this young lady called Arya Dhayal. She’s quite talented and has raked in millions of views on Instagram TV, combining her knowledge of Carnatic music with snatches of western Pop music, using what might be an Ukulele, I’m guessing, for accompanyment. Plays it left-handed so that caught the attention of the southpaw me.

Thinking about her now brought to my mind Abraham Maslow’s theory on the hierarchy of our needs — and my knowledge of this is very basic Wikepedia level — and how lucky I am to have my basic-to-mid levels of this pyramid already taken care of. How fortunate I am to be able to sit here and blog about my life or make music when I can — whistling and playing the flute are my talents — and share it with others.

And yet, we all hanker after those millions of views. For true self-actualisation, not even a single view is needed, but the disappointment one feels is very real each time one opens up an app like FB or Instagram and doesn’t find that little notification that a new approbation has arrived in the form at least a ‘like’. A ‘comment’ would be great, right?

Does one really need to be on a mountain top on a crisp morning to sing, for instance, knowing that only the birds and other creatures can hear the song and no one else, to find real happiness. Perhaps, on that mountain top, even just a deep breath will do. Locked up in our homes, terrorised by an invisible virus, is it possible to find the same state of zen? Maybe Ms. Dhayal knows the secret to that.

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