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July 27, 2020 § Leave a comment

I interviewed a Google Cloud exec today for a story. It went well. 45 minutes. Had been pretty anxious about this and had even talked to the therapist about it on Sunday. Got another one tomorrow and then I’ve to pull the two together as a feature.

We’ve finished dinner. It’s raining, and my wife is watching season 16 of NCIS. She just finished the episode in which we find out Ziva David isn’t dead after all.

My son switched the table in his room and the one in the living room. One of the two bedrooms in our small flat became his room recently and he is still in the phase of being quite excited about it. Yesterday, he moved a small book shelf into his new room and today the table switch happened.

The one that he moved into the living room is more conventional looking, from a furniture shop in Shivajinagar, with a pull out draw and a small cup board below it. The one he moved into the room came from Urban ladder and is more contemporary looking, with two long rectangular dugouts running along the back part of the table top in which one could put knick knacks and so on. There are also with holes through which cables can be run, and we used one to put in a power strip.

Got a surprise call too, from a cousin-in-law who I’m close to. She was calling to check how I was holding up — she knows all about my anxiety and depression. It was good to get her call as my wife, her cousin, likes her too and they had a nice chat as well.

On the whole not a bad day today so far as handling my anxiety went. I also made a nice vegetable stew to eat with wheat parotas for dinner. The wife and son had those, while I finished some left over Mexican rice she had made for lunch. Had half a parota just to taste my stew though. A bad nose allergy was the only downer. Nose was running all day, though it’s better now.

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