Empathy, boss, a movie and ice cream

July 24, 2020 § Leave a comment

I fought with a friend today, after she said some things about the poem from yesterday. She had the best of intentions of course, but anyway, that’s how it went, and later we made up. In other news, my boss called me to discuss stories and wants a calendar for the rest of the year — fair enough. He isn’t getting enough good content from those of us who ought to be delivering it more consistently, so he’s trying to push us a bit. On the whole, he has been a very good boss and I’ve been very lucky about that. Especially because I was able to tell him about the anxiety and the depression. He’s given me a lot of time and patience. Now it’s time to repay that and start delivering the big stories he needs.

One of the things about trying to get off the anxiety meds is that one has to deal with the physical results of stress without the aid of the drugs. One of those results for me is a powerful headache when the stress is bad, like today, because of the combination of the chat with the boss and the fight with the  friend. Couple of years back, I didn’t know what was causing these headaches and some other symptoms, but this time I’m better prepared.

We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge on Disney Hotstar, at dinner time. We’d seen it before, of course, but it’s such an entertaining movie. And the way Javier Bardem says ‘Jack Sparrow’ makes one want to try and imitate him again and again. I also learnt, when I looked it up later, that the movie was released as ‘Dead men tell no tales’ also.

One of the things today’s fight reinforced for me was that it is very difficult to see things from other people’s perspective. That’s how we lack empathy and often end up hurting those we love. This has been especially true for me with my wife, and if I look back at all our fights, I feel if we’d each found a way to see the other’s point of view and accept it, there’d be a lot less bitterness to deal with. We’re still trying and getting a little better at it now.

Oh, and my wife and son made banana and strawberry jam ice cream with condensed milk in it as well.

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