Lifting weights

July 22, 2020 § Leave a comment

I walked in the morning today, instead of the usual evening ritual. The plan is to switch to walking in the morning so I can lift weights and do yoga on alternating evenings. Couldn’t I lift just weights and do yoga in the morning? I could, but somehow I like doing those activities in the evening whereas I don’t mind walking in the morning and even enjoyed it today.

In the evening, today, I lifted weights. I couldn’t do much, but I did two sets of pushups, two sets of half squats, two sets of bent-over rows with dumbbells and two sets of ab crunches, combining one set of each of these four to make a small circuit. Then I did dumbbell flys for the shoulders, tricep kick-backs — againg with the dumbbells — and hammer curls for the biceps. Two sets each, and again combining one of each to make a small circuit.

It’s day four today since I started tapering off my anxiety and depression meds. The walking in the morning is an incentive to get out of bed, which has been a hard struggle from the time I developed anxiety and depression over 18 months ago, precipitated by a few months of intermittent fasting gone very wrong.

Through the day, I made some progress on a copy I have to turn in by Friday morning at the latest. I also, finally, messaged my therapist today to restart my sessions with her — this time on the phone. I’ve not seen her since the Covid lockdowns that started in March. So I’ll start talking to her again come Sunday afternoon.

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