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The scary heartbeat skipping that I’d mentioned a few days back is much much less today. By trial and error I figured out the culprit was Clonazepam, or rather my attempt at tapering it off and the skipped heartbeats were a withdrawal symptom. The day before yesterday, I went back to the dosage my GP had prescribed and today things are much better.

The doctor had said to me once that what I’m taking is a baby dose, but given that I’ve been taking it for close to two years now, I’ve become dependent on it. At least I don’t feel the craving to up the dosage. Running and meditation and breathing helps.

The running isn’t intense. It’s pretty modest for now and in the lockdown, it’s often restricted to jogging back and forth in my living room. But even so, I still do it. Certainly enough to work up a good sweat, so it isn’t a waste.

A friend introduced me to a pranayama instructor and today I had my first session. Hopefully, I’ll get to a point where the combination of meditation and pranayama, and running, will really make a difference and I can take another shot at tapering off the meds.

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Two books

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Oranges aren’t the only fruit by Jeanette Winterson was one of two books i read recently. I didn’t know about the various biblical references and the like in it, but I was able to follow the overall story line.

First found out about the book a few months back in a book by Matt Haig, in a section in which he lists a bunch of books he read as he coped with his depression. Haig’s book is called Reasons to Stay Alive.

The other book I finished recently was Normal People, the second book by Irish writer Sally Rooney. This one was recommended by The Economist. It is soon to be a BBC series as well. I read both the books on my Kindle Paperwhite — I’ve one of those origami cases for the Kindle, which lets me fold the cover back into a stand. Very convenient.

Winterson’s book is about Jeanette — the protagonist, with the same name as the author but may not be her — growing up to discover she is gay. And she has to face her mother’s and the local church-going community’s intense disapproval of that. She is even made to submit to an exorcism. Some say the book is autobiographical, while others disagree.

Rooney’s book is about Connel and Marianne’s on-and-off hook ups until they finally get comfortable with their love for each other and I won’t give away the rest of the ending in case you all want to read the book. It’s an enjoyable read.

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