How Bangalore collects its garbage

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These people are exposed to filth and disease every day through the day because of the work they do and the conditions under which they perform this absolutely essential service for the city that is proud to call itself India’s tech capital. These workers get no gloves, no masks or protective gear of any kind. Sifting through muck with their bare hands and riding in the solid waste collecting three- and four-wheelers, sitting atop the garbage, is routine for them. They make subsistence wages.

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The man in the basement

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There is a man in the basement, where our cars are parked
He looks after the building’s security, washes our cars for some extra cash
I pass him on my way to my run and on my way back
He sometimes sits in his plastic chair, looking like a man who’s marked
He has a family and they once lived with him and he was happy
In the evenings, his sons played with our son and we were more like friends
Our son is older, so we often gave them clothes he had outgrown
They were hand-me-downs, yes, but they made a difference is all
We shared our food with them, sometimes, and sometimes gave them a little extra money
At night we could hear him and his wife catch up on the day
And even sing their folk songs in their native mountain way
Still, one day, he had to send his family away
They couldn’t make ends meet with his meagre pay
He put his family on a train, to a place two thousand miles away
And so his heart grew heavy, and weary with each passing day
Until one day he had to rush to the doctor, his chest was in a bad way
He came back clutching medicines for blood pressure
He lost weight, started walking and running too, in the basement
Still, his family is away and he sits alone in his chair
The medicine helps, but he misses them so
Coming back from my run today, something drove me to chat him up like before
He seemed happier when I asked if they were all okay
I’m going soon to see them, he said, I’ve already booked my ticket
I climbed the stairs to our flat, to my waiting family
He gets two months minus almost a week of travel each way
For that, the rest of the year, he must swallow his meds and wash our cars

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Anxiety — 2

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She is travelling, three nights
So it’s just me with our young son
Not wanting to be out of his reach
Running today was in the car park of our apartment building
My heart is one with the Cosmos
To keep the jitters at bay, every few steps, I kept repeating
As I ran back and forth, one end was dark and gloomy
The other, opened up to sun light
I always knew this would be one tough fight
Oscillating between despair and hope
It becomes easier, with each step, each intake of each breath, to cope
And with every few steps, I kept repeating
My heart is one with the Cosmos

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