An old blind woman weaving a basket

April 5, 2018 § Leave a comment

An old blind woman was weaving a basket by the roadside
The plastic wires were of many a hue
Red, and green in unfinished plan
Intertwined in complex patterns with blue
I was passing by in an air conditioned car
she, was conditioned to the hot summer air shimmering like an evil djinni
Over the dusty wheel-trodden hot tar
The wires springing in chaotic fountain from the unfinished basket
Pierced my soul in a zillion places
I felt nothing as my own tar-like essence just oozed and continued on around them
The signal changed and back to the road we drivers turned our faces
The old blind woman, she went on weaving her basket, each knot a face in the car, each loop an indifferent soul
She wove us all in, but we kept on driving we kept on driving

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When our son was nine

April 4, 2018 § Leave a comment

Beyond the deepest depression and hopeless dejection
I feel a wellspring of life and desire
In our son, our blood, in him I see our fire
To see our boy grow up to a teen
Know he’s kissed his first love
That she kissed him back, to see in his eyes that sheen
See him become a man with all his potential ahead of him
Not for him the fake epaulets of worldly fare
But to to see him wealthy beyond compare
With friends who love him with all their lives to share
To hold your hand and look in your eyes
To know that all that for which we strove
Has come true and we are now his children
Before I’m ready to lie down and say
Now I’m ready to die

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