The kinnara and his sister

April 14, 2017 § Leave a comment

Once all the kinnaris and kinnaras of all the forests, they conspired
To leave their beloved trees, and walk among humans
‘We’ll take their form and find out,’ they said
‘Who among them are true of heart, and pure of spririt’
One young kinnara, he piped up, as they held council in a sacred grove
‘But, how shall we know?’ said the eight-year old
‘Take some of my flowers,’ said his ammamma
‘they will help you if you keep an eye on whom they love’
So they journeyed far and wide
until the little imp found himself in a strange land
None could enter without possessing
Magical objects called tickets, fashioned by human hand
A girl, a wanderer, offered to buy him one and be his guide
So they walked in and she showed him all the sights
They had strawberry ice cream and took in a live band
There was something about her, he knew
And when she was busy taking a selfie
He asked his ammamma’s flowers, in a quiet aside
For when the girl was near, the flowers they sang, they glowed
So when their tour was ended, and it was time to go back
The kinnara listened to his grandma’s blue roses
He made a wreath of them for the girl, and placed it on her head
And all the kinnaris and kinnaras of all the forests, they knew
He had found his sister, true of heart and pure of spirit

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