Man And Beast

February 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

All but disappearing, these horse drawn carts of Bangalore. There are more ornate ones with roofs and footwells in neighbouring Mysore, but those are numbered too. Taken with my #iphone_5s on Jan 30, 2016. #smartphonephotography #citylife #india

Bangalore Walking

February 21, 2016 § Leave a comment


 Summer, dry and hot, is already upon Bangalore, but the city decided to celebrate that with an open streets day in the central business district.

Main Street MG Road became a carnival and all vehicles were banned for the day.

 Thousands came, brought their children and generally soaked up the sun and the colour.

Pictures taken today with my iPhone 5s.

#India #Travel #BangaloreWalking #SmartphonePhotography

Contemplation By The Sea

February 21, 2016 § 1 Comment

Contemplation. Picture taken with my #Samsung_Galaxy_A7 on Jan. 15 2016.

#sea #smartphonephotography #india #travel


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In the hills of Sakleshpur just before the western ghats, in south India, one fine morning in October 2015 with coffee and my #Samsung_Galaxy_A7.


… and this fellow.

#dragonfly #india #travel #smartphonephotography

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