Rediscovering My BlackBerry Z10

December 21, 2015 Comments Off on Rediscovering My BlackBerry Z10

A chance discovery of a small mobile phone repair shop in Bangalore that had brand new BlackBerry parts helped me replace the broken panel on my beloved Z10 — for 1,200 rupees (about $18).
That fixed a few other small glitches i’d encountered as well since the panel (the entire central casing that holds the volume rocker etc) broke.
How it broke is a story for another day, but with my BlackBerry as good as new, i’m back using it as my primary phone. Out went FB, Blaq (for Twitter) and a few other apps, in came checking the phone much more productively, and using FastPress, a wonderful WordPress app for BlackBerry, which I’m writing this on. Whatsapp works just fine and I just followed National Geographic on Inst10, a really nice Instagram app by Nemory.
I’m all set. Wish I could delete the Amazon app too that BB10 OS comes with built-in.


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