Song of the fallen

August 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

We were scattered to the ground, ready to be dust
slowly, we were losing our hue
Above us, our brothers and sisters smiled and turned their faces to the sun
And unbeknownst to himself of our presence, a little boy tinkled on us even
A few drops caught the light and sparkled like morning dew
Then a man came out, he gathered us up and washed us in a plastic mug
The grit fell away revealing patches bereft of color he could see his fingers through
He blew on us and arranged us in concentric  circles, like a big group hug
A gentle breeze threatened to send us adrift, and back to the ground
We jostled, we held hands, an invisible hand shielded us
So we raised our voices in chorus and sang the man a song
It was the story of an Emperor of the Asuras, whose virtuousness scared the very gods into jealousy
He can’t hear us, but it didn’t matter
We became a portal for him to step through, and find Mahabali

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