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How colorless his life must be
He must have had dreams and hopes when he was young
We the lucky ones do nothing for him
The balloons gaily mock him, but he must hold on to sell them
Our children know not the joy of running
A balloon trailing, fluttering, bouncing, leaping high in the air behind
We won’t let them, scared they’ll be bullied, trampled, run over, or snatched
So we teach them to ignore the mocking balloons
To not lift their eyes from smartphones, tablets and phablets
To see them against the sky and the clouds
We have not the courage to be children again
Even to just buy them off him and release them to revel in their flight
We look at him from the hot air balloons that our individual lives are
We won’t reach out and give him a hand up
We lose another chance at anchor

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Making Love After A Fight

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Making love after a fight
It takes persistence, honesty and shaved legs
It’s life’s reaffirmation, it heals souls
Helps you face the next day

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There’s no time like now
My Indian physics teacher would say “there’s no ‘muhoortham’ (auspicious window)”
The body conspires to betray the mind as it only wants to join the earth
That’s its natural state and the body is a struggle
For beauty against gravity
All beauty is a struggle against that constant betrayal
There’s no time like now
Struggle or die

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Happy Birthday To A Friend Lost

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I texted Happy Birthday to a friend yesterday
No reply, like last year
Fact is, I’m not even sure yesterday was the day
But each year, it is the day I remember
Many years ago, it would have been different, but I made mistakes
Now this is a friend lost

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